Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day in the Park

Its been raining so much the past couple of weeks and so when there was finally a day of good full on sunshine the kids and I headed down to the park for an hour or so! It was LOVELY!!!! To sit outside and soak up some vitamin D was just heavenly...I took my camp chair along and my Stampin' Up! Catalogue but spent most of my time snapping pictures of the kids. Here are just a few...

This was such a happy day - the kids so enjoyed being outside. Madson was pedalling like there was no tomorrow, and little West - who has had an aversion to his bike ever since we bought it for him in February - has all of a sudden taken to it and rides it like a pro - that is, until its time to brake. Then he just jumps off rather than actually braking. It is hilarious to watch unless the bike carries on into the side of the car!?!?!?!! :)

Can't wait for some sunshine on the weekend - then we're definitley hitting the beach!!!!

Japan stories will resume soon - when I can find the energy...:)

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