Thursday, November 10, 2011


I can NOT believe what a year it has been??? And almost over too! The past couple of months have seen us celebrate Madson's 6th birthday, move home - and not just around the corner but to a lovely little nook of the Gold Coast Hinterland, AND have a baby!!! Not much at all. Seriously - I only just now feel like I'm finally starting to get some grip on life again and baby is almost 2 months old!!!!

So I am closing this bog and starting a new one to document our new way of life. If you'd like access to our new blog pop on over to or just shoot me an email on and I'll add you to the list. Some of you I might just add myself anyway! :) :) :)

And here are some final pictures from the past few months...

Madson's 6th birthday...

Unfortunately he was super sick on the day, so while his friends were running around at the park he was snuggled on Nanny's lap the whole of his party - poor thing?

So we felt we needed to celebrate again when he was feeling much better - this is a happier face!

In August we went on our first family holiday - down on the Gold Coast - it was AWESOME!!! We loved it and so did the kids. It was too cold to swim but we enjoyed going for bike/scooter rides/walks along the beach and took the kids to PutPut on one of the days - needless to say they loved it!

Here's mummy and McKinley attempting a hole - poor kid was severely handicapped by her mother!

Madson really enjoyed himself and did pretty well...

As did West in his own special way!!!! hehehehe

This was their crazy faces at the end of the course - needless to say they would LOVE to go again!

Soon after that we spent a Saturday morning at the KP cliffs helping out with an Amazing Race for the Youth of ward - it was AWESOME and so well organised!!!!!! Our kids had great fun running around and helping out at the pit stops Ystyn and I were responsible for...

One of the challenges was to drink a whole ice cream tub of jelly with a straw - West and Madson are having a go with some left overs here - I LOVE this photo so so much!

 And then we come to the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Emersyn. She arrived on Tuesday 20th September at 3.40am. She is absolutely precious and the older kids love her to bits - literally! There is nothing on earth as magical as a newborn baby, sweetly sleeping on your chest, softly breathing. She's already almost 2 months old and is starting to smile and recognise us now and its just the best thing in the world.

This is my favourite photo of the few we have taken - somehow its much more difficult to get the camera out 4th time around - perhaps that more to do with the fact that an SLR is HUMUNGOUS in comparison to the small point and shoot we used to own...I MUST take more photo's of her.

So there you have it.

I have pictures of our new home and adventures on the new blog, so if you're interested in keeping up with the Francis household come check that out...

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