Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its been a majorly hectic weekend!!! I don't know how we've survived's only Sunday evening and already I can't even remember what i did on Friday night - it seems so long ago...but the best part of the whole hecticness was the pocket of peacefulness that we all found this morning...After an extremely late night I went to mum's house early to collect the kids after they'd had a sleep over with cousin Hayden - we came home and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed again (Ystyn was still there!)...McKinley was asking for peanut butter toast ('soon Kinley'), West wanted to watch a DVD ('its Sunday Westie - we don't watch DVD's on Sunday') and Madson just wanted daddy's i-phone - but amidst all the demands we managed to get all the kids into our bed for a cuddle (all 5 of us in our queen bed - we all had to lie on our sides) and before we knew it the kids were all asleep and so were we. It was such a peaceful moment before the craziness of Sunday really began (I know Sunday is meant to be a day of peace and rest, but it just is not!). Ystyn and I woke up 30 minutes later due to the pins and needles shooting down our sides and outstretched arms but had a few moments to listen to the kids breathing and watch their gorgeous eyelashes against there chubby cheeks - one of those precious moments that just make life worth it! It was amazing and reminded me how amazing life is and what a blessing these precious precious little people are in our lives and how I could not live without them. Its really hard work being a parent - I sat threw sacrament today and it always seems to be the perfect showcase of how effective/ineffective my parenting is...I almost always come out of sacrament feeling like such a failure - I've barely heard the talks, I've barely managed to keep a lid on the kids, and it all becomes overwhelming! Don't anyone DARE to say anything nice to me at the end of sacrament meeting because it WILL end in tears! hehehehe...

Anyway, I want to hold on to that small pocket of peace that we had this morning and remember it for little xxx xxx

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