Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How funny is this kid!

I just had to write a little more about West...this kid is hilarious!!!! He has so many quirky little so funny!

So, the latest in the West files are...
  • he collects anything that resembles money and stashes it
  • he keeps his money in any handy container, even socks!!!
  • he regularly changes his 'container' 5 times a day
  • he hates wearing shoes, socks, pants, undies
  • his biggest phobia is for BUTTONS!!!! He HATES BUTTONS!!!! Will throw the biggest stink any time I try to force him to wear clothes with buttons - every Sunday morning is a fight between West and Mum as we're getting dressed for church - his first question when I bring out his clothes to get him dressed is 'no buttons?' in the most hopeful little voice! Its so funny when its not completely frustrating!!!
  • his favourite 'outfit' at the moment is his Spiderman costume - he's gone to the shops, kindy, park EVERYWHERE in this outfit. He has now worn through the feet, there is a rip in the crutch, and the fingers are forever stained with who knows what (interesting fact: I HATE this outfit for the simple reason that it has fingered hands, which means I have to try and force West's 10 little fingers into their individual little finger pockets which is SOOOO hard. If I only had to do it once it would be ok, but then Westie needs to go to the toilet, or eat something, or he wriggles the wrong way and I have to fix them again and again and again and its FRUSTRATING!!!!
  • he and Madson like the opposite of EVERYTHING! If West wants the light off to go to sleep, Madson wants it on; if West wants to walk Madson wants a trolley, if West wants ice cream Madson wants chocolate, West wants to sing Popcorn but Madson wants to sing Snowman!!! I should have learned by now not to ask for their opinion but to give them limited choices but I don't - it does my head in!!
  • he loves to sleep in our bed. He'll wake up and do this little wimper for FOREVER until I respond to him
  • he gets achey legs and says the cutest things like - 'sore peoples get to sleep in your bed don't they mummy'. It just made me melt to hear him say that tonight - he still had to sleep in his bed though
  • he has mastered potty training all on his own and SOOO quick! He no longer wears a nappy to bed and goes to the toilet on his own - I LOVE HIM FOR THIS!!!!
  • he has the cutest, cheekiest grin and pulls the best faces in photos
  • i  love to kiss him and tickle him and make him laugh
  • he is either happy or sad - no in between
  • i love him more than he'll ever know!!!

Isn't he such a funny little guy!!! These are some of my favourite photo's of my favourite little guy - LOVE YOU WESTIE!!!

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