Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day to Day stuff

So I walked the kids to the park this morning (a good 35 minute walk each way) thinking that if I did something fun with them  I would be able to ignore them for the rest of the day while I did all the housework I have been neglecting...but it HASN"T WORKED!!!! Now they want me to play with them in the backyard, watch tv with them, eat lunch with them. It is sooo adorable and I am going to go and be with them just because they want me to be with them, but I am looking at the hugest pile of washing ever and I just need to get it done too. sigh. Lucky the washing will wait...so I will play with my kids while they still want me to. I love them more (MUCH MUCH MORE) than I love folding washing...(or doing the dishes, or cleaning the bathroom, or vacuuming or making beds or dusting....hehehhehe). Now off to play....xxx

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  1. How have I not known about this blog? So fun! It's lovely and I haven't had chance to read all the past posts yet, but I will! Sometimes it's hard to drag myself away from all the pressures and chores I feel I need to do straight away, and play with the kids. Must put it on my to do list tomorrow!
    I look forward to check in here regularly! XX


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