Thursday, September 9, 2010

Conversations on Marriage...

West:  "Kinley, want to get married?"
McKinley: (very impatiently) Not YET!!!"

(a minute later)

West: "Want to go to the temple?"
McKinley: "Yeah"

West and McKinley enter Toy Car Coupe and head off to the 'temple'...:) :) :) Drive around corner and re-enter house where mum is working...

McKinley: "Why you turn the tv off?"
West: " We can't get watch tv, we're going to get married!!! Mum, me and Kinley are getting married. Kinley, where's your lipstick? You need lipstick to get married!"

(such little treasures!!!! They've just started playing 'mum and dad's' which has me cringing from my own memories of this game - so far it is all totally innocent and consists of going to work, going to the temple, asking permission to watch tv or play a particular game...I just hope it stays confined to these few activities!?! I dread the day when they start kissing each other!!!! Anytime Ystyn and I kiss or hug each other all 3 kids will come screaming in and try to seperate us, so of course it becomes a game with Ystyn and I and the kids - we'll start to hug and kiss knowing that one of them is watching and giggle as the one turns and yells at the others "they're kissing!!!!!" and all 3 come running in to beat us into seperation - it makes us giggle no end. Its important to Ystyn and I that our kids know that we love each other and are affectionate with each other - however, now that the mummy/daddy games are beginning I'm a little scared to see just how much they'll try to imitate....)

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  1. Oh that's hilarious! I don't think they'll imitate the kissing. Funny that they don't like you and Ystyn kissing - the boys are completely oblivious and nonchalent when Elliot and I kiss. Could not care less!

    Sounds like you're all having lots of fun!


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