Monday, September 6, 2010


So the kids are driving me absolutley NUTS today - so we decided to get the good old 'water and sand shells' out and have a play in the water - and they're having a great time!!!! We collect water in old juice bottles just incase there's ever a time when we can't access water through the normal means. Anyway - we've had these water bottles filled for probably about a year or more and everytime West walks down the back stairs he knocks them over. So today, after he'd knocked them over for the 2nd time (and no, they're not on the ground or anywhere where he should be able to knock them over and yet he still does? I decided it was time to recycle the water and use it for a splash bath in the back yard.

And yes, for those of you who know the habits of our kids, the 'birthday suit' has made its debut for the spring season!!! The kids are all running around in the back yard sans clothes and loving it!!!

Not sure they should be attempting this without pants on though...:)

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