Friday, December 31, 2010

Madson's Kindy Christmas Concert

Well, one of our end of year activities included Madson's Kindy Concert. I have been fairly blase all this year about Madson finishing kindy and going to Prep next year, but I have to admit to feeling a little teary at the end of his year - he's growing up so so much, so quickly. Anyway - we got a couple of really bad quality photo's to remember the event by. :)

Doesn't he make the cutest little reindeer!

It was raining (RAINING!!!) the whole day (week/month) and it was coming down buckets when we left the house - and of course we were running late and I forgot the umbrella's, so we got soaked. This is what McKinley looked like the whole night - a drowned rat!!! Still cute though...

Nice double chin action - cuddles with Westie...

And these next 2 photos are of Madson and his special little friend Elle. She's a sweetheart - such a happy little soul and Madson and her seemed to have a great time playing together. Mind you - Madson's friends were Elle, Ruby, Alicia, Trinity and Isla - all girls! Do we see a pattern developing here. He's just like his father - hehehhee.

So that's it. He's done with Kindy - and starts Prep next year. Its almost like he's grown up over night - even just over these holidays he's starting doing things and saying things that are so boy-ish. I am so excited for his year at Prep - for all that he'll learn and experience. This is such a good kid - all on his own - he's ALWAYS been a good kid, even as a baby. He is so good at entertaining himself and is so helpful and well mannered (normally) and I am so grateful to be his mother. I love him to bits and can't wait to watch him grow and develop into a wonderful young man. He just amazes me in his awesomness. He must get that from his dad too. :)

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