Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So - I did it!!!! I SOOOO did not have the time to spend on doing this - I have so much work, cleaning, cooking, washing etc that needs to be done, but I'm all of a sudden feeling a real need to make family time important, and to make Christmas special for our kids as well as for us. Madson is so excited for Christmas and I really want to help build that for all our kids and help them have some great memories about this time of year. Good memories period would be great but we can start with this Christmas! :)

So - this is just a cork pin-up board that I've painted and added some handmade tags to. On the back of each tag is a different activity to do on the count down till Christmas. Today - make Christmas Jelly! Its sitting in the fridge as we speak and I'll take some photo's of it once its set. Other activities include doing a christmas painting, writing to our sponser child, visiting Gran (we will give you a call Gran! :)), caroling, seeing Christmas lights, making cookies, eating candy canes, putting up the tree etc etc. I actually got a lot of inspiration for my list and calendar from here (thanks Sarah!!!!) - check out this site - it has some AWESOME idea's on it!!!

So there you have it - the Francis Family Advent Calendar!!! Yay for Christmas! xxx

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