Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday and Bits and Bobs

Its my birthday today and I just had to get on here and say a HUGE thank-you to my mum!!!!! For the past week Ystyn and I have been enjoying the delights of Melbourne with some friends and we only just got back today after a 6 day holiday. I will post photo's of our trip soon, but just had to say thank you to my mum and dad for watching our kids for us while we were gone. When we picked them up this afternoon she'd washed all their clothes, had them all packed and ready, and even had birthday cupcakes for me that she'd made with the kids. Then to top it all off she gave me home made cards and a gift from the kids - a journal she'd kept for the 6 days we were away of nightly messages from the kids and a record of their daily activities. I am SO GRATEFUL for such an awesome gift. We missed them so much while we were gone and now I can kind of catch up on what I missed while we were gone. So THANK YOU MUM for such a meaningful gift and for taking such good care of our kids! xxxx

My in-law's had our kids for 2 weeks in September while Ystyn and I were in Japan on a school trip and I am so so grateful to them too! Ystyn and I have both been so blessed with such amazing and awesome parents!!! A belated THANK YOU to Mum and Dad Francis as well!!!!


 I LOVE those goofy kids! :) :) :) And the cupcakes were awesome too!!! :)

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