Sunday, June 19, 2011


What a week! We've ALL been sick at some point over the past week - Madson started it with chills and fevers on Monday and then Ystyn came home from school on Tuesday and went straight to bed and didn't leave it till Friday morning when he forced himself to go back to work, and I came down with it Wednesday and am still in bed, and West and McKinley have alternated between temperatures and coughing and even a little of the vomits. Its been a trying week. We've never had the experience of both Ystyn and I being sick at the same time - usually its one or the other and there's always someone around to attend to the kids, but not this week. This week Ystyn and I have lain side by side in bed, coughing and spluttering and trying as best we can to ignore the bickering or complaining coming from the lounge room of wherever the kids have congregated.

A yuck week. One I hope we don't ever have to repeat. We've been so blessed though with such kind people dropping off meals and medecines - I'm so embarrased to admit that my medicine cupboard consists of Panadol (adult and childrens) and some Benedryl at the moment for coughs. That's it. No Vicks. No Vitamin C. Not even any Savlon cream or something similar. How bad is that!?!?!?! Thanks to our lovely home teachers it is now a little more extensive :).

Anyway, I don't have time to be sick this coming week. Its my dad's 60th birthday, and my sister and her family are driving up from NSW (have I mentioned this before???) and we've got some really fun family things planned and I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE SICK!

I just had to post these photo's of Ystyn's eye though - he played in a large soccer competition last weekend and took an elbow to the eye and this is how it looked yesterday (Saturday) a whole 6 days after it had occured, so you can imagine how pretty it looked the day after...

How pretty does that look!!!!!! It looks like make-up, but I promise it IS not! I've quite proud of this black eye - its pretty awesome and has looked so gruesome all week - add to that a hang-dog, sick-as expression and I've had one good looking face to look at all week. :) Love him lots and lots and lots.

And here's a couple of action shots from the weekend - he LOVES his soccer. I'm glad (most times) he has something he is sooooooo passionate about (believe me, I don't know anyone else who is as committed and insanely in love with something - if he could marry it he would!).

And lastly a photo of Madson from the same day - this is when he started getting sick, poor thing. Look at that face - so so sad. He just lay on the picnic rug or sat on my lap the whole time and shivered. Now that I've had the same thing I feel so bad for making him stay to watch his dad play, he really should have been home in bed.

Hope you're all well and healthy - seriously - being sick is HORRID! I will definitley have some fun fun photo's to share at the end of the week...I can't WAIT to be together with my family - I MUST be sick, that is not a sentiment I feel too frequently???? :) 

PS: All that excitement about cleaning to a new routine from last post???? Zip, nada, zilch has been done this week of course. I will have to get back on track next week after family have left - there's always a spanner to be thrown when you've just got a new routine down pat hey. Oh well, try, try again as they say! :)

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