Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craft Blog's 100th Post

So this is an entry with more selfish leanings as its all about ME!!! :) I joined Stampin' Up! (a Stamp and Papercraft company) at the beginning of the year with a dear friend, and for the past 6 months we've had lots of fun creating and sharing our love of papercraft with classes and workshops etc etc. We've also kept a craft blog called 'Adelisa Designs' (a combination of our names - Adele and Lisa!)....Anyway - we've finally reached our 100th post which I am actually really excited about!!!

Stampin' Up! has truly been more then just a hobby for me though - after having 3 babies under 3 years old life felt a little tough to me. It really did feel like all I was good for was to change nappy's, clean up pooh and wee and feed and cloth the said 3 little people. My world felt quite close and closed and it was hard to find enjoyment in what was truly my life's greatest purpose and mission (motherhood). My older sister actually introduced me to this company called Stampin' Up! and I finally found something that I could really enjoy and find some satisfaction in. My sister is an incredible home maker and mother and the one that every looks to for those 'wow' moments, and its been easy to get lost in the shadow's to all her incredible talent (which is in no way confined to just the few things I've listed), and I guess I've just never felt like I've been good at anything. I can play the piano, but not to any great level, and that's about the only claim to fame I had. I haven't finished uni, I haven't had some great career, I'm not very good at being a mother or a wife (sometimes I have good moments but like everyone I have my days (or weeks or months) of not being very good at all). So - out of all of that negativity I finally found something that I could enjoy and relax in and find joy in, and it truly has been that - a joy. I remember a talk given by Elder Uchtdorf where he talks about women having a need to create beautiful things...it was a talk that really resonated with me, and I truly feel that in my life now that my kids are a little older and more manageable...it feels great to have the house tidy and in order and the Spirit is definitley stronger when it is so. And to be able to create beautiful things, be it only out of paper makes my heart sing...I could look at beautiful things for forever!

So anyways, just thought I'd share my incredible love for stamping and the theraputic effect its had in my life...I love it to bits and am grateful to be able to express myself through its creativity.

I'm really grateful for the many things I feel blessed with - a beautiful family, a beautiful world, a free country, the scriptures, church, all of those things that go together to enrich me and to bless me and help me to grow into the much (MUCH) better person I need to be.

Life is truly beautiful...xxx

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  1. You know, you may not believe me but I was thinking about you yesterday and had these exact same thoughts. I think it was after our phone call yesterday that I had the sudden impression of how happy you had become this year. This has become your 'year' and you seem a totally different person to last year. And yes, I came to the conclusion that your stamping hobby has worked miraculous things in your life. SO glad to see you happy and enjoying life again. You are a beautiful person and others could see so many GREAT and WONDERFUL qualities in you, but that doesn't really matter unless you can see it too. If a hobby has helped you see how wonderful you are then that's brilliant!
    Life is so much easier with older children as well isn't it? One feels a little more human and meaningful when one isn't so tired from the emotional raising of a young child.
    Keep up the happiness Adele! XX


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