Monday, August 23, 2010

Kids Antics

So, I had a friend over the other day doing some craft and was really impressed with how well West and McKinley were keeping themselves entertained. They were so quiet and lovely - no fighting or squabbling, just quiet. I finally decided I should go and check on them just to make sure they were ok, and actually, I wanted to give them a hug for being so wonderful, only to be confronted with FOOD COLOURING splashed ALL OVER MY BATHROOM!!!!! These photo's DO NOT do justice to the state of that room as I only took them once the worst was fixed up. They had gotten all the bottles of colouring and vanilla essence and orange essence from the kitchen and were having fun doing 'I don't know what' with it all over the bathroom!!! It was in and on the toilet, poured through the lid of my washing basket onto the washing inside, all over the floor not to mention their hands! No wonder they were quiet hey....

I know you can't really see much past the dirt on the floor in these pictures, but our bathroom floor still has these prints on them - I especially love the big fat footprint that has sunk into the old old tiles of the floor, forever providing testament to the fun West and McKinley had this day...the kind of the fun that is NEVER to be had again! Hopefully!!! :)

Lucky I had a friend over or they might not have been smiling by this stage! And lucky they're so cheeky-ly cute! Little ratbags!

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