Monday, August 23, 2010

Madson's Special Kindy Day

A couple of weeks ago Madson's kindy took the kids and some parents for a walk up a local mountain. It was really really nice to be out in nature - it was a beautiful clear day and the kids were just great. Madson got a little tired near the end (I think it was 2 k's or more up and then another 2k's back???). We took about 45 minutes to walk up and then sat around at the top and played some games and had lunch and then it would have been super quick to come down but we stopped at a steep little bit and let the kids 'absail' down it - took quite a long time to get through all the kids but they were so well behaved and patient and had lots of fun...

Here are some photo's we took on the day...

It was really nice having some time to spend with just Madson and I think he really enjoyed the one on one time too? He's growing up so quickly - Prep next year - so these are definitely moments to

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