Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inappropriate Humour

So Madson was waving his spoon of mashed potato around tonight at the dinner table and then all of a sudden West is looking at me with this shocked look and only one eye - he'd been landed a full spoon of the said mashed potato in his eye!!!!! It was sooo funny, and even though Madson got in trouble for being careless with his food, I was in a fit a giggles once he wasn't looking. These kids do the funniest things sometimes and I am so shocking at keeping a straight face.

Another example of this inappropriate need to laugh happened when Ystyn and the kids picked me up from the airport earlier this week. I'd been away in Melbourne visiting a friend for 4 days and I'd bought the kids a little treat at the airport on the way home. We have a 7 seater car and 3 kids in car seats so Madson sits in the 'boot' by himself which means passing things to him from the front seat is impossible and I normally have to carefiully throw it to him. Well, I hadn't seen my kids for a full 4 days and I was really excited to be able to spoil them with a little treat and couldn't do the sensible thing and wait till we got home to give them their push-pop, so instead I lobbed Madson's out towards him meaning to land it perfectly in his lap, or at worst hit his chest when instead I got him SMACK in the middle of his forhead! The look of shocked suprise on his face was just priceless until it crumpled into hysterical tears. I was laughing at the funny-ness of the situation and teary because Madson was hurt and it was MY FAULT!!!! Ystyn's furrowed brow brought me back to reality (my kid was crying because I'd hurt him) and I realised I probably shouldn't be laughing, but I really can't help it. I don't know how to overcome this little bit of horrid that I have, and know I should really be much much more compassionate - I'm blaming my dad - he taught us growing up that we needed to be able to laugh at ourselves so maybe I'm trying to instill that in my kids now...if they fall over and hurt themselves I normally try and have a giggle with them about it rather then being overly sympathetic, but I guess there really is a time and a place. My poker face is going to have to get much much better as they get older - maybe I just won't find their reactions quite as funny when they're teenagers and are answering me back...:) Love you kids! xxx

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