Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bad Mother

So I'm feeling like a pretty bad mother right now. It was Madson's birthday today, but in amongst all the hectic running to and from things I don't feel like we've adequately celebrated our first born son. Sure he got presents and cupcakes at kindy and McDonalds for dinner, but truly I feel like something is missing. What could it be???
I do really so love this kid though. He has truthfully been so fantastic, right from day one. He was my little sleeper, napping 2-3 hours at least every day and letting me get in my very own! He's rarely misbehaved and has learnt such beautiful manners (well at home he has? I HOPE he uses them away from home???). He can be such a wonderful protective loving big brother and really enjoys playing with his younger brother and sister - its actually better to have Madson around with the younger two because he seems to help them to be more imaginative in their play - when its just West and Mckinley at home they need a lot more contribution from me but the three of them quite happily run around and amuse themselves!

I just love him to bits and think the world of him and would give anything for him. I hope and pray with all the desperation and love of a mother that his life is full and happy and wonderful and that he grows up knowing how much he is LOVED and CHERISHED and ADORED!

Happy Birthday my beautiful big little boy!!!!

Well, I'm off to bed to nurse my guilt and try and figure out how to be a better mother to my 3 gorgeous children!

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