Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinner Antics

So my little munchkins are being their adorable selves again. After whinging all afternoon West finally fell asleep while Madson and McKinley were in the bath, which was a blessed relief truthfully... I'm not sure if he's still sick (he had a vomiting bug through most of last week) or just residual tiredness, but he was being painful!!! So - he konks out which just leaves me with 2 ratbags to deal with instead of 3! So, I serve up Madson and McKinley the chicken and vegetable soup I'd made and while I was in the kitchen serving my own McKinley eats like, 4 pieces of bread (the little monkey!!!). But the cutest thing of all was when Madson started to feed McKinley - she didn't want to eat her dinner so Madson offered to feed her - 'do you want a train, or a car, or a helicopter?'!!! Sooo cute - especially the sound effects! He is so kind and loving most of the time...I love it!

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