Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kid No. 3

Miss McKinley Jane! What a little cherub you are! With those rosy chubby cheeks, that cute button nose and rosebud mouth you are decidedly scrumptious!!!! And eat you I do...I cannot resist getting a mouthful of those cheeks or those legs...hehheehe. You are such a joy to have around the house - a girl for mummy to hug and cuddle and snuggle. You have such a lovely disposition and most of the time you are such a treasure. We ARE beginning to see the 'strong' side of your nature these days - you are currently very partial to the word 'NO' and love to use it, never loudly, just strongly and firmly and CONSISTENTLY!!! hehehe You certainly try to keep your brothers in line, and as you are almost bigger than West, you succeed very well in this...:). It has been so exciting to watch you grow over the past two and a bit years, and we are all so excited to see what the coming years will bring. You have a smile that lights up a room. You talk non-stop, and if you're a little tired of talking you SING! At night when you are all in bed you yell from your cot at the boys in the next room to 'stop talking - go to sleep' - such a little mother hen hey?!?

What other funny things do you do?

You love to chorister the hymns in church. You sit on 'Shisha Guy's' knee and wave your arm around. You won't do it with mummy - just Shisha Guy (Sister Guy, just in Kinley language).

You love peanut butter sandwiches. You love all things pretty and girly - like your pink bowl, or pretty hair clips, or dresses, skirts and shoes. But then you love to play with the boys cars, or jump around with your brothers like crazy people. And you LOVE to stick out your tongue, kind of like this photo...

I love this photo of you! It is such a classic and has me in stitches every time I see it. You had actually just told me you were 'pwetty' with the cute as new hair clips our friend Sarah had just made you, and I went to take a photo of this 'pwetty' little girl and out came that tongue! Crazy little munchkin.  Love you 'Kinley...

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