Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kid No. 2

Mr Lorys West  - called West! You are my little rascal, my cheeky monkey, my ratbag, my giggler, my Mr Mischief! You can make me laugh till my insides hurt and make me so cranky that I turn into a monster. But you are adorable to me and I love to bits!!!! There is no one quite like West...ever!

How adorable is this photo!!! I love it to bits, but then again I love most of the photo's of you. There just seems to be something so infectious in your grin and cheeky scrunched up nose. This photo was taken at Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast when we ventured down on our annual (annual in that we only seem to make it once a year) beach trip with Brother and Sister Guy and you kids had a BLAST!!! You loved the
water and being buried in the sand and running around having a glorious time. It was such a wonderful, perfect day and it was such a joy watching you kids ENJOY yourselves, ENJOY the wonderful world around you, and ENJOY each other.

You truly are such a cheeky moneky West. You have such a zest for life and most of the time you are crazy happy - jumping around, running around, doing everything at the fastest possible speed you can. Its hard to keep up with you sometimes and I often forget just how little and young you still are. You are currently 3.4ish and sometimes love to be independent, but most of the time you still love to be mummy's little boy, and be cuddled and carried around. You love to play outside with your brother. You love to craft. You LOVE to bake and claim the wooden spoon as yours ever time, though you are kind and let Madson lick the bowl.

Something that is uniquely West is the fact the you HATE BUTTONS!!!! You LOATHE BUTTONS!!! With a PASSION!!!! It is such a trial getting you into ANYTHING that has button's on it ANYWHERE. For a very very long time we have struggled to actually keep you clothed - you were always and forever running around butt naked, but you have slowly grasped the fact that you at least HAVE to have underwear on. Its getting very cold so we're getting much more successful and keeping a t-shirt on too. Shoes are a little hit and miss, but when it comes to button's you have one sure and strong answer - NO WAY!  You've been like this for a long time now and I'm not sure what started it, but it is uniquely your own oddity which now and again causes your mother some grief, especially if its trying to get ready for church...

Another 'West Only' is the fact that you have a bald patch on the right side of your head. People are always aasking mummy with a grin what did I do to your hair, but the truth is, you've never had hair grow here. I'm not sure if its from the forceps that were used to pull you out during labour - they were pretty vicious looking instruments, but whatever caused it, this is truly a West Only! I can only hope that as you get older you wont be teased for your own little individuality - we'll just have to keep your hair a little longer on that side if it troubles you - but for now it just adds to your cuteness!

Your favourite phrase to say at the moment is 'I'm not your friend', most often directed at me, your mother, when I've said something you don't really like, like - 'please don't crush up your crackers all over the freshly swept floor', or - 'West, please put your shoes away', or anything along that vein. Most of the time I just respond with a 'that's ok Westie, you don't have to be my friend', but occassionally mummy's feelings get a little hurt too and I respond with a 'I don't really care if you're not my friend at the moment'. Isn't that HORRIBLE!!!! I don't know where this phrase originated from, but its probably one that we should work hard at 'beating' out of you!! hehehe only joking! xxx

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