Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Fever

So Ystyn is sure to post on this himself at some stage, but the Soccer World Cup is currently being played in South Africa. It started on Saturday night and Australia played its first game at 4.30am Monday morning. Thank goodness it was a public holiday (Queen's Birthday) so Ystyn had the day at home, because we all got up to watch it (we even had a few guys come and watch it at our place too) - all the kids woke up and watched most of it too, which was fun to begin with but quickly lost its fun-ness when all they wanted to do was eat and go to the toilet!!! :) Anyway, it was great EXCEPT for the fact that we crashed and burned, and our best player got a red card which means he's out for at least one more game. Suck-ey to say the least!!!!

Anyway, so after Mutual tonight Ystyn came home and picked me up and we went to Park Road to watch New Zealand vs Slovakia at Arrivederci's Pizza Place. I lasted till about the 70th minute and then fell asleep at our tablebut it was fun to be out, different that is was so late, and great to be watching the World Cup together. Who would have thought I would EVER enjoy sport in any form, but I have to say I LOVE soccer. Not to an obssessed level of love (like Ystyn hehehe) but I enjoy the skill of the game and promise that Ystyn and I will go to a World Cup some day. I loved it - being out with Ystyn while our kids were safely tucked into bed (being watched over by Aunty Trefyn), and doing something we can enjoy together!

So don't feel like playing for my own soccer team this weekend though...:)

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