Tuesday, June 15, 2010


...is my middle name!!!! So today, instead of the piles and PILES and PILES of laundery that I should have been washing, and folding, and putting away, I have LABOURED for a LONG TIME to get this blog up and running! Nothing has gone right, and I'm not totally happy with how this blog looks, but for now it is enough. Enough to actually start recording the daily activites of our family so that in the future they will have some record of what's gone on in their lives.

Its been a good day (apart from the mounds of washing). The kids have played really well, and apart from going through a whole loaf and bread and wanting more, haven't complained too much. The sun is shining brilliantly outside, though its still very cool inside the house. They have played outside much of the day which is something Ystyn and I are really trying to encourage - anything to get them away from the tv. Poppy Jones dropped over some paper this week (thanks Poppy!!!) so the kids are making short work of that, painting and drawing on it.

And one of their favourite FAVOURITE things to do is to dress up. As superheroes. They love it. West is normally Spiderman and Madson has Batman and McKinley is whatever we can lay our hands on...

They just make me laugh so much running around in these little outfits. They have so much fun and enthusiasm and love to act out how they think superheoes should act! Its adorable and I love it! Just like I love them. The little ratbags! xxx

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