Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kid No. 1

Mr Madson Eli. What a little sweetheart you are (most of the time). Its so hard to believe that you are almost 5 years old!!! You'll be off to school next year and then what will I do - my baby will be 'all growed up'!

I know its repetitious but you are such a JOY to have in our family Madson. You shoulder the 'older brother' burden fantastically, and almost always do the right thing and help your brother and sister. You love to read, say your prayers, and you love love love to help out around the house. You were pestering me all last week to let you help me clean the car. Of course mummy was always too tired to want to clean the car, but there you were every day asking me to help you clean the car. We did finally get to it on Saturday and you helped for a little bit didn't you...:)

You LOVE to ride you bike. You would ride your bike everywhere if I let you (we are off to get a bike lock this week so you CAN ride your bike everywhere!!!). You ride it on your day's at Pre-Prep and we leave it just inside Sister Guy's fence (she lives right next door to kindy which is just so handy)! You will spend hours out in the back yard riding it up and down the driveway and you LOVE to go as fast as your little legs will go. Interestingly though - you have your own bike that mummy and daddy bought you for your 4th birthday last year. You loved (yes, that is in the past tense) to rider that bike all the time. Then West had his birthday in February of this year and once again, mummy and daddy decided to get him a bike too, so that the two of you could ride together, but no no no, West isn't interested in riding his bike, and even if he was he wouldn't be able to because YOU have claimed his bike as your own!!!! No one gets a chance at riding that bike, it is yours and no one elses! We are just thankful that West currently has no interest in it!

You love to be active too and do all things boyish. You have started climbing a little tree in our backyard most mornings. You've taught your little brother to climb it too and the two of you have such fun together. I love that you two are such good friends, and you really do care for and watch out for McKinley. You are an awesome big brother.

You too absolutley LOVED our day at the beach...

Look at that tall, athletic looking body. You DID NOT inherit that from your father or I!

Speaking of athletics, you are a natural little sports man (now that you possibly DO get from your dad). You love to give everything a go, but from the very beginning you have been a natural at kicking a soccer ball. Not sure whether we can attribute this to the fact that the first toy you owned as a new born baby was a tiny soccer ball, or just the fact that it is your dad's number one passion, but you sure do know what your feet are for...we can't wait to be able to start you on your way to finding out all your brilliant talents.

We love you Mr Madson, more than anything else in this world and are so GRATEFUL for the priveledge of being your parents.

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